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Pipe and bolt Threading Tangential Chaser

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Pipe and Bolt Threading Tangential Chasers.

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Die Head Capacity Chase Section

Die Head size 1/4” to 1” Chaser size 3” x 1.3/64
(Set of 4 Pcs)

Die Head size 3/8” to 1. 1/2" Chaser size 4” x 1.3/64 (Set of 4 Pcs)

Die Head size 1/2” to 2” Chaser size 4” x 1.1/4” (Set of 4 Pcs)

Die Head size 1” to 4”
Die Head size 1” to 2” Chaser size 4” x 1.1/4” (Set of 4 Pcs)
Die Head size 2.1/2” to 4” Chaser size 5” x 2.1/4” (Set of 4 Pcs)

Die Head size 2.1/2” to 6”
a)Die Head size 2.1/2” to 3” Chaser size 5” x 2.1/4” (Set of 6 Pcs)
b)Die Head size 3 1/2” to 4” Chaser size 5” x 2.1/4” (Set of 6 Pcs)
c)Die Head size 4.1/2” to 6” Chaser size 5” x 2.1/4” (Set of 6 Pcs)

Die Head size 4” to 8”

a) Die Head size 4” to 5.1/2Chaser size 5” x 2.1/4” (Set of 6 Pcs)
b) Die Head size 5.1/2 to 8Chaser size 5” x 2.1/4” (Set of 6 Pcs)

NCT Tangential Chasers are manufactured from imported High Speed Steel which must pass exacting metallurgical standard. Experienced heat treatment with the automatic imported heat treatment plant and imported Testing equipments, assures that they will perform satisfactorily in service and produce quality threads within the tolerance for which they ware intended.

The Tangential Principal of design:- NCT Chasers are designed as per International Threading Standard, provides line contact with the work to provide natural clearance comparable to that of a lathe tool. Friction at the cutting edge, thread distortion and chaser wear are minimized the tangential location of the chaser, in respect the work plaxes it in a direct line with the cutting action exerted in forming the thread. Rigidly supported in this natural cutting position by the die head chaser holder, the resulting longitudinal absorption of cutting strains reduces vibration and chaser breackage.

Depending upon the size of the die head in which they are used, Landies Tangential Chasers vary in length from 1” to 6”.

During the resharpening process it is unnecessary to remove the same amount of metal from each chaser in the set. When one chaser is worn. Chipped or damaged to the extent that an abnormal amount of metal must be removed, it can regrinded and returned to service although much shorter then the other chaser in the set.

NCT Chaser are interchangeable. If one Pc. Of a chaser set is damaged & is beyond use. Then same No. pc. Of the other chaser set lying in stock may be used and there will not be any difference in threading performance and the damaged set can be replaced without the necessity of replacing entire set.

A simple grinding operation quickly and easily removes the e v thousands of metal necessary to restore the cutting edge. They normally can be resharpend by removing 0.25” or less, depending upon tool condition. As NCT chaser do not require accurate positioning when regarding to assure that all chasers in the set are of uniform length, the grinding set up is simplified and resharpening time is held not the minimum.

Stock inventories are reduced as the same set of NCT Tangential Chasers can be used to produce all diameters within the range of the die head requiring the same pitch. For example, 1/4”-20 pitch UNC thread can be produced with the same chaser used to produce a 1/2"-20 pitch UNF thread. Special Chaser are required, however, for each combination and pitch for Acme, Modified Square and similar special thread forms as well as multistart high helix angle threads.

Note : Above specifications may change without notice towards the improvements in products.

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